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Women Cute Weight Lifting Gloves for Gym Life

 Cute Weight Lifting Gloves  

These days, not only do more women choose to lift weight to tone or even in place of cardio, but they do so in style. Accossorizing our workouts with cute apparel items, like gym towels, personalized earbuds, and even workout gloves is a fun and easy way to get motivated!!

Our Fit Girl Store will be expanding to include such items down the road. Until then, we can only salivate over great finds of our own, such as these:

Cute Weight Lifting Gloves Valeo Crosstraining Workout Gloves – These fashionable ladies gloves are double padded with leather! These gloves were also specifically designed for women’s hands – an ideal pick for a gal who enjoys a few heavy reps & does not want blisters.

Cute Weight Lifting Gloves Valeo Mesh Back Lifting Gloves – These soft, adorable white lifting gloves are tougher than they appear! These were Fit Girl’s personal pick, not only because of the color that would go with any color outfits, but also because of the texture. Its just a unique looking glove that you do not see too often at the gym.

Bionic Women’s Fitness Gloves – This glove brand was designed by an orthopedic surgeon (for the ooh-aah effect), but aside from that, Fit Girl thought the durability and quality of these gloves is superb! We also like how the color combination is feminine yet not overly so to where you can’t match any activewear with these. Nobody wants to have clashing gear on and wind up looking too eager!

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POSTED ON January 16, 2011,

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